Life is beautiful! People. Places. Food. Everyday things. All created beautifully. Will you join me as I declare the beauty?

I wish you were sitting with me on my couch. It would be around Christmastime, one of my favorite times of year. We would be in comfortable lounge clothes, cozy under a chunky quilt, and holding our favorite hot drink (coffee with lots of cream and sugar for me.) We’d have soft music playing in the background, probably Lauren Daigle (or Sufjan Stevens) Christmas carols. The scent of cinnamon rolls would be coming from my oven. The warmth and fire from the fireplace would make our faces glow.

Friend, I would be looking intently into your eyes, my full undivided attention on you. We would have the freedom to laugh, cry, hold hands, or hug one another. You’d feel safe and completely comfortable sharing your thoughts… pondering questions… just hanging out. I might just listen and offer a smile and hug. Or I might have an encouraging thought, Scripture, or story for you. You would feel loved. Special. Treasured. You would feel all the things God says you are. We would pray together. After our time together, you would feel refreshed, your once empty tank full again. You’d leave with joy renewed having more of yourself to pour out to those precious loved ones around you.

That is what I’d like this place to be. I wish it to be a cozy couch, inviting to everyone, with encouragement galore. Welcome! Grab your own favorite hot drink in your own home. Sit next to me here and be encouraged.

Love, Denisse